Saturday, March 19, 2011

Catch up on Elijah

Here's some photos of the littlest one's changing self:2 1/2 weeks old

He still has his dark hair up in the front.

4 weeks old. Starting to lose the hair in the front of his head.

February 28th, (4 weeks). Looking pretty bald. :)

March 1st, my birthday.

Spending some time with his siblings.

This picture didn't come out well, but I wish it had. They were having such a good time sitting with Elijah.

Guess he's done now.

This one I took today, March 19th. He's 7 weeks. If I don't remember to get out the camera, I'll miss it. He changes so fast!

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Luma said...

I love the pictures, Julie. :-) Conrad turns 2 weeks tomorrow.