Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Birthday 2011

Times are crazy and yet the birthdays come along and provide times of rest and celebrating. Peter made the beginning of the day special by making a delicious french toast/strawberry/whipped cream breakfast.
Gifts. For me. Amazing. :)

Dinner was Chicken Cordon Bleu, asparagus and surprise something underneath the foil. The beautiful flower arrangement was from my sister, Joy and her family.

The surprise food was crab cakes. I've never had crab cakes. Peter found some that you take home and fry yourself. I thought they were great. It was fun to try something new.

I received a whole grain baking book from King Arthur Flour. Just my kind of gift. :)

The highlight was this wonderful, homemade apron from my mom. She made it by copying the design of a vintage one that her mom made back in 1938. I have a feeling my mom put a lot of work into making this when she didn't have a real pattern to use for it. I love it.

Last, a turtle cheesecake for a birthday cake. Happy day.
It was a happy day. I think it was the only happy day in the midst of a lot of hard ones. Peter always does such a great job making it a special day. I never expect it and he always finds a way to surprise me, even this year. After the lovely breakfast he made, he loaded up all of the kids and took them to the park and for a walk down by the river in order to give me several hours at home by myself to do whatever I wanted. I couldn't have thought of a better birthday gift considering our phase of life just now. It was just what I needed and was like balm to me. God knows what I need and so often provides it through my husband. Thank you to everyone who helped to make my birthday special. It meant so much.


Jennie and Julie said...

Very nice thank you's! I'm so glad it was a happy day for you. Everyone is so happy it was your special day. Love you lots,

Luma said...

When was your birthday Julie? Yes, indeed, the Lord is very gracious towards us through our husbands.

Steve Finnell said...

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Kim said...

We didn't realize this was your birthday week, but we're so glad it was such a special day for you. It sounds wonderful - from the strawberry-laden breakfast to the turtle cheesecake! The cookbook sounds terrific. I agree that the apron is lovely - and it is extra special since made from a family piece and fashioned by your mom! Even your blue checked curtains (peeking out in the first pic) and the lovely blue dishes make a sweet backdrop for a blessed family. May the Lord continue to bless your home and keep you through these fleeting, but busy years.

Tricia Regar said...

Man, I haven't been here in a while! Your birthday photos were lovely. The food looks TERRIFIC. And I'm glad you had a nice afternoon. Aren't husbands awesome?! :D

Tricia Regar said...

Man, I haven't been here for a while! Your birthday photos were lovely. The food looks TERRIFIC. And I'm so glad you had a nice afternoon. Aren't husbands awesome?! :D

Monica said...

What a wonderful day. And what a blessing that your husband is so thoughtful. You will have to let us know of any favorite recipes you try out of your new cookbook. Happy belated birthday :)

Monica said...

Also, I love your new little baby in the chair behind you in your gift photos. What a sweetie!!