Tuesday, March 1, 2011

William's 10th Birthday

While Mom and Dad were still here, we managed to get down to the bowling alley to have a fun evening in honor of William's birthday.

We haven't been bowling in years. Sam and Will had to learn over again and it was completely new for the younger ones.

Dad and Mom know what they're doing. They helped the kids learn some technique.

William is competitive and determined to figure things out. Here he goes.

Determined to figure out how the scoring works and how he's doing.

Dad helping Amelia give it a throw.

Calvin loved bowling. He really got into it.


Will he hit it?

Of course, they mostly watched. We tried to help them keep their fingers from getting smashed between these balls.

Sitting with her Grammy is a great way to watch the others play.


Dad's good. And he has great form.

Even Cecily got to try it out. She can't lift the ball, but at least she got to feel like she was participating.

The lane on the left had bumpers on it so that the balls couldn't go into the gutters. The one on the right didn't have them. Mom, Dad, Sam and Will all played on the right. I think Sam and Will were a little jealous of the higher scores and the many pins that the little ones hit because of the bumpers.


Right at the end, Sam and Will each got some strikes and it really made the night for them. They were SO excited. Before that, they were borderline frustrated. Hurray! Success.

I took this picture so that Sam and Will could see the scoreboard.

Before we left, William opened his gift from my Mom and Dad.

He got a set of 2 play flintlock pistols.

And a real powderhorn.

And one more little thing from his Papa.

A multi-purpose tool/knife, complete with a flashlight.

Thank you, Papa! I love it!

Here begins Part II. It took a while after the baby was born for us to be ready to do our family celebration of William's birthday at home. We finally did it 2 Saturdays ago. So here he is, still wearing feeted pajamas and celebrating his 10th birthday.

First gift: A new radio drama set of Jonathan Park.

This gift was from William's Aunt Leslie. It's the second book in a series that he is reading.

Any avid fiction reader will understand how happy he was about his book.

We always enjoy the cards we get.
William also got a DVD of Davy Crocket movies.

A bow and arrows set of his own.

The requested dessert was apple dumplings.

"Happy Birthday to you..."

Yay. He's officially 10.


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Jennie and Julie said...

Wow, a great set of photos. You would never know that you had a baby in the middle of that mix...there is such a lot of celebrating going on. It's not easy making one feel special in the midst of such business and tiredness, but you did a wonderful job, Mom & Dad!