Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Big Grin and On My Knees (Eli)

A nice big grin for the camera. :)

And he's up on his knees! (Though it's very hard to catch "on film," thus the poor picture quality.)

Six and half months old now and changing every day. He's had his first bites of rice cereal and applesauce.
He's getting so strong and wanting to really get going now. Babyhood just shoots by.


Luma said...

He looks like he has such a sweet disposition, Julie. Oh do enjoy him! Knowing Conrad is my last makes me cherish everything more, it makes me want to memorize all his little looks and smiles. He's such a little dumpling! He's so adorable I can't stop kissing him all day. :-) God bless Eli!!!!

Jennie and Julie said...

After we got home from camping yesterday, we called Mom & Dad. The first thing Grandma said was...." Did you see the blog?" Yes, she did enjoy this post 'over the top!" Thanks for the adorable photos.