Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mississippi 2011, Part I

 An old friend of Peter's family hosted our family while we visited Mississippi this year.  There's just not enough room for us at Peter's parents' house anymore.  :)  I took some pictures of the home where we stayed.  It was such a blessing to us, so much more convenient than staying in an hotel room or two.  We had the entire upstairs to ourselves.  Ben is looking down into the living room from the top of the stairs.
 These wonderful windows look out on a pond and acres and acres of land.  Beautiful.  And so peaceful.
 This is the room that Peter and I stayed in with Elijah.
 Eli immediately enjoyed the benefit of a nap, not in his carseat.
 This was the room that the girls stayed in.
 And this room was in between the other two.  It is a playroom for the grandchildren of the people who live here.  They borrowed some full-size blow-up mattresses for the boys to sleep on.  The sleeping arrangements were so nice and having toys there too was such a help.
 Here is Peter's brother, Mitchell, greeting Elijah. (Making faces at him.  :))
 At this point, I'm going to fill in with some pictures that my sister-in-law, Tessa took. (See below)
 The cousins are happy to be back together again.  Ethan, on the left, is Mitchell's oldest child.
 Emma, on the left, is Mitchell's second child.  (The kids are playing on the bunkbeds at Grandpa and Grandma's house).
 And Micah, Mitchell's youngest,(at the moment, there's a new baby on the way) child.
 As an aside, ever since we came back from this trip, Eli doesn't suck his fingers anymore.  This is officially the last picture of that phase for him.
 Brothers playing 'Guess who?' 
 Peter with his dad, Jerry, and brother.  Tessa told them, "Don't smile."
 That's better.  :)
 We arranged to have a meal with all of Peter's siblings and some extended family at Peter's parents' church.  We were able to use this fellowship hall so that we could all be together at one place.
 We had a ham dinner, potluck style, and a chance to catch up with relatives we rarely see.
Many of the men and boys played football on the field outside the church.  Peter has a cousin with 4 sons.  They all had a great time together.  This marks the end of Tessa's photos.
 Family picture.  Peter's parents are in the middle.  Peter's sister, Leslie, is to the right of her dad, with her husband, John, next to Peter.  Peter's other sister, Anna, is on the far left, holding her daughter Madi and her son, Holden, in front of her.  Her husband, Walter, and other son, Weber, weren't able to come.  Last, on the farthest left, is Mammaw, Jerry's mother.
 Peter's mom and dad.  :)
 Anna, with her kids.
 Mammaw, Aunt Theresa (married to Jerry's brother, Pat) and Aunt Janet(Jerry's sister).
 Peter and his mother.
 Peter and his grandmother.
Most of the grandkids with Grandma Betty.
 The day after our "family reunion," Peter and the kids and I all went over to Oxford MS to spend some time with Peter's sister Leslie and husband, John.  Oxford has a beautiful town square with all kinds of interesting shops around it.  One of the ones that Leslie has taken us to several times is Holli's Sweet Tooth, a candy store.
 Picking out some candy.  What a treat.
There's all the sweeties outside the candy store.
I'm going to end there for tonight and return later with the pictures of the rest of our time with John and Leslie.

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