Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mississippi 2011, Part II

At John and Leslie's are ready to eat.
I can't remember what John called this beef stew that he made.  It was amazing.
Some of Leslie's lovely Christmas decorating.
Elijah is enjoying some playfulness with his Aunt Leslie.
John's roasted red potatoes were really special too.  SO good.
After the meal, we all took a walk up the road behind their house to see their landlord's animals.
A fall/winter walk in Mississippi countryside is idyllic. 

This shot is at the end of our walk when we were almost back to the house.
Leslie and Elijah.  :)
John and Leslie have 3 black dogs.  Not sure which one this is.  Maybe Foxy?
Animal-loving, happy girl.
Mocha Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Cookies in the living room.  You might notice poor William laying on the couch in the left corner.  He got sick and slept there almost all afternoon. 
Leslie knew we would be moving when we got home from the trip and had thoughtfully picked out a housewarming gift. 
The girls helped me open this beautiful blue, pottery plate.  Thank you so much, John and Leslie!  We had a lovely time as always and appreciate all you did for us and the plate. 
All the children at Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Betty's house for their last meal there.

Most of the trip was such a whirlwind that I hardly got my camera out.  I was glad that Tessa took some pictures too.  It was such a special time to be with family even if it was hectic.  I'm already thinking about a get-together in 2012.  :)

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