Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our New House

There it is.  With 7 1/5 acres of woods surrounding it.  We are slowly getting settled.  You knew we had to inaugurate it with a bout of the stomach flu. (That was last week).  Each day we get a little more set up/fixed up.  Yesterday the kids did their first bit of schoolwork in over a month.  I finally have enough of the essentials in order to feel alright about taking some time to do a blog post.  I promise to post more pictures of the inside once it is looking picture-worthy. 
This is a little bit of side yard that is to the left of the side deck in the picture above.  I plan to put up a clothes line here and I think it will be a nice place for Elijah to play outside when spring gets here.

That's it for tonight.  I'll be back when I can muster some more minutes in an evening.  :)


Laffing Dawg said...

What a blessing this house will be to you and your family, Julie. I have been praying for a quick recovery from all that this move must have taken emotionally and physically. I just can't imagine.

Can't wait to see how you each will make this your own home and that it will serve Jesus and you for many, many years to come. Can't wait to learn what the trees are and how many critters are to be discovered living near by. The good kind of course.

May you all get well soon. Blessings in 2012,

Brenda said...

Rejoicing with you as you christen this house with new memories, lots of laughter, love, and prayer! And knowing you, it won't be long before delicious aromas will be emanating from your new kitchen!

Julie said...

Thank you both for your kind comments. :) The house is a blessing.

Kim said...

Julie, it's nice to see the house - a "face" with the idea. We pray that all is going better and that you are continuing to settle in. You are missed here! And our "offer" always stands...:-)

Luma said...

Congratulations Julie and to your entire household! May the Lord be the builder of your home.

In Christ Jesus,

Hannah Moss said...

Very neat- I hadn't ever seen a picture of your new home! I look forward to sometime seeing the inside and how you've creatively organized and decorated. :)