Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Calvin's Number 7 Birthday

He picked his traditional Spaghetti and Meatballs for his dinner. 
Calvin's expressions really say enough.  Here he is opening a ring-pop that Millie picked out for him.  She really did pick good.  He was very pleased.

Samuel took a really neat, large crank bait (fishing bait) that Peter found out fishing and had given to Calvin, and fixed it up, adding the missing hooks, etc.  As soon as Cal saw it, this was his expression.  He threw it down and jumped up to hug Sam.  It was truly sweet to see.  They really know how to please each other.
Sam is showing him what he did and how to use it.

Matchbox cars from Will and Ben.

Something Peter and the girls picked out...
...a set of construction vehicles.
A gift from Aunt Leslie...
...a Make-a-plate Kit.  Cal is the only one of the boys who hasn't done one of these.  The others eat off of the plates they made often and now he will be able to too.
Birthday number 7 means that he is big enough to have a sling shot.  It's wonderful to see the children reach even small milestones.
He loves his cards.  :)

Being carried in to see his cake.  Man, he's very expressive!
Being sung to.
And last, but not very last, blowing out the candles.  Very last is eating his piece of cake.

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