Friday, March 23, 2012

My Birthday 2012

 With the most wonderful man in the world. 
The most wonderful dinner in the world, made by that wonderful man. 

Peter and the kids picked out a new serving bowl for me.  They picked out several other things as well, including a large baking stone to bake bread on. 
 I got some really fun and thoughtful gifts from a myriad of people.  I loved this bucket of granola from one of the young wives at church.
Another young wife gave me some of her precious canned goods.  I can't wait to make a pie with her apple pie filling and something Italian with her tomato sauce.
Now becoming an "old friend," my previous pastor's wife brought these to me.  Aren't they beautiful?
There were several other sweet gifts not pictured:  Mom's favorite classical recordings, picked out for me,  a gift certificate to a Taiwanese restaurant and babysitting from a teenager at church, and a hand-crocheted table runner from my sister.  I might have to post a picture of the table runner when it gets here (coming in the mail).
I got many lovely birthday wishes in all forms.  Thank you to all for thinking of me.  :)


Brenda Bolyard said...

Happy birthday to a most lovely pastor's wife! What a beautiful way to celebrate -- surrounded by those whom you cherish and who cherish you.

Luma Simms said...

Happy Birthday, Julie. May the Lord bless you this coming year with the comfort of his Holy Spirit, his boundless mercies, and his unspeakable joy.

In Christ,

Jennie and Julie said...

The photos were truly lovely, as well as the photos of you. I always treasure the few photos with you in them. Yes, the flowers were beautiful!