Sunday, March 11, 2012

In Which Will Turns 11

The Birthday Breakfast
Decorating his cake.
Pipecleaner glasses.

The boys all wanted to make Will a cake that looked like the game board of the game Stratego. 
Sam made trees and flags and arranged all of the game pieces.

Will chose to have a variety of appetizers for his birthday dinner.  We had deviled eggs, buffalo wings and other good things.
Gifts from brothers. 

Fishing baits from Sam and Amelia.
That's some crazy face.  He thought this puzzle of a rainforest scene, from Aunt Leslie, was super cool.  :)

Opening his gift from Grammy.  He had already guessed what she would get him and was much anticipating it.
A lot of goofy faces in this photo, but here it is:  The newest book by Christopher Paolini.  Grammy was originally the one who got him interested in this fiction series.

And from us, a scooter.

Lighting candles.
Un-lighting candles.

Checking out his cake.
Sam's slice.

Cal's slice.
Feels good to be 11.  Love you, Wills!


Jennie and Julie said...

We love you too William! I bet it does feel good to be 11. Nice photos, and I'm super-impressed with the cake! Wow, what a job. Where does he ride his scooter?? All the photos just make me a little more impatient to be there. A couple of weeks and counting...

Kara said...

I love your Stratego cake and it's really fun to see your kiddos Julie :)