Thursday, December 6, 2012


 The pictures go from oldest to newest. 

This is the beautiful blanket that my Grandma hand-embroidered for Bronwyn!  I love this blanket, Grandma Bethel!  There's nothing better than getting a package in the mail with this kind of love inside. 

I love how she got nestled down on Cecily's legs and just hung out there for a while.  She was very happy.

All in green.

Amelia picked out Bronwyn's outfit and helped to get her dressed.  She is happy to hold her at any opportunity.

One month old.
Big brother finally got a chance to hold the little sister for a few minutes.  He was so proud of himself.
This is the most recent picture that I have of her.  She's looking at me like I've betrayed her trust.  She was none too happy at being placed in the water.  She tolerated it pretty nicely, only crying at the end when I washed her hair. 
She is smiling now and cooing just a little.  She will be 2 months old next week.  She's very strong and very content.  Doing just great. 

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Jennie and Julie said...

These are all good pics...and when I clicked on one it would get really big and I felt like I could really see Bronwyn. It makes me so eager to meet and hold her : )
I love that green gingham dress with rosebuds! She looks adorable in it. I also like the first photo of you with her. I'm so glad you signed up to keep adding photos so we can feel like we're part of things going on there.