Sunday, December 23, 2012

Deck the Halls

 I ordered a book of Christmas paper decorations for children to cut out and got it out about 2 weeks ago.  The kids and I entered upon a fun afternoon of decoration-making.  I was so impressed with the book.  The activities were of varying degrees of difficulty making it attainable for everyone, all the way down to Cecily, who is 4.  And there were a couple of more challenging projects that intrigued the eldest two boys.  Above are some of the angels.  Cecily and Amelia were able to cut these out all on their own and thought they were very pretty.
 The paper chains were a big hit with the little ones too.
 Calvin was so excited, he had a hard time staying seated. 

I'll have to try to get some more pictures of the decorations.  They made snowflakes, hanging stars and other things.  Here you can see some cheerful angels adorning the piano.  Our house is pretty festive right now....

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Jennie and Julie said...

Wow to you too, that you found time for a post! Hope your busy day went well. Cute projects, and such a fun thing to do WITH the kids. I loved it. Love you too, and am thinking about you alot. Wish you were here to participate in our familly activities, but I'm so glad you are creating traditions of your own.