Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cecily is 4

 Two months ago, Cecily turned 4.  Yes, I'm finally posting some pictures of her special day.  Her birthday is October 2 and since Bronwyn was born October 12, I got behind in putting them up. 
 Cecily's birthday dinner.  (We had pork chops).  Notice her expression.  She can be sincerely sweet...
 ...sincerely sassy...
 ...and sincerely goofy.  All three expressions are very much a part of her personality.  She's a dramatic and spicy little girl.  Lots of laughs and surprises with her.
Two siblings are ready to give their gifts.  Don't they look a lot alike in this picture?
 Gifts.  :)
 Yay for cards.  At the last moment, Elijah decided to point to the dog on the card and say, "Dah!"
 Little girls delights: umbrella and a child-sized broom (below)
 Purple horse.
 Her horse from last year wore out.  She's a horse lover and loves to gallop.
 Easy cupcakes were the choice of very-pregnant mom.  Amelia helped me make them.

Trying to get used to holding up 4 fingers.  What a special girl.  She means so much to us.  It was wonderful to celebrate her life and her place in our lives even at such a distracted time.

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Jennie and Julie said...

Cute photos! I love the one of her hair blowing back as she gallops along. Her hair is getting really long! Thanks for going back to put these on.