Saturday, January 12, 2013

This and That

She's neither bald nor blonde, as this picture makes her look.  :)
Elijah:"yijah.  yijah."     Me:"Yes, I'll take your picture too."
I spy...
...a little boy hiding!
You might be noticing a pattern here.  Someone has learned how to "hide."
Little Miss Ingenuity took it upon herself to cut a picture of a crown out of her preschool workbook and glue it onto the baby's head.  Luckily this is the old baby that was replaced with a new one at Christmas.

Learning to read!  The first picture above is of a certificate that she got for reading her first words!  The bottom one is a worksheet she did for phonics.  Could someone look more pleased about reading?
New dolls from Grandma Betty.  (Yes, Millie slept in those braids for a few days.  One day I'll look back and see that I let her do that and say, "What was I thinking?")
It's not Valentine's Day yet?  Bronwyn got confused.
While we were waiting to leave to go sledding with friends on New Year's Eve, Will rocked The Sweetheart to sleep.

Can you have too many pictures of a sleeping baby?  OK.  Maybe you can.
Here's where she does most of her snoozing.
And yes, she's sucking her thumb these days, just like most all of my kids have done.
I just love this purple outfit.
Enjoying a school holiday, the kids did some dressing up the week of New Year's.
If you know the Toy Story movies, Millie is very Jessie-like to me in this picture.
Best flying goggles and hat, ever.  Thanks Mom.
Warrior-at-heart is my Benny.  He got that plastic knife in his stocking for Christmas.
Cecily tries, but doesn't make a very scary "Shee-tah."  (Cheetah)


Brenda said...

Looks like your Christmas camera has been put to good use -- and such delightful subjects to photograph. And no, I don't suppose one can have too many photos of a sleeping baby!


Jennie and Julie said...

I really like your writing in this post. You did a great job without being plain with your descriptions. It was truly fun to read. Thanks too for letting Grandma know that Ben's knife was plastic! Great black and white photos!