Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy Birthday 2 Year Old!

Well, he is 2 today.  I almost never get a picture of one of the kids posted on the actual day of their birth, but here it is today.  We aren't having a celebration for him until Friday, but I enjoyed paying extra attention to him and considering how much he's grown all day today.  He's had an genuine obsession with puzzles for several weeks now.  The kids are wondering how soon this will pass....  He has a collection of large floor puzzles that he loves to have out and be working on almost all of the time.  Mostly, he can't do them himself.  That's where the kids come in.  He's sort of constantly asking one of them to do a "puzz-le?"  with him.  If he has tears, it's usually over puzzles or food.  SO...today, on his birthday, he magically found that he was able to piece together an animal puzzle that has stiff wooden pieces, all by himself.  ("It's about time!" I think the children are saying to themselves).  He spent almost the whole day sitting quietly working on that puzzle.  What a sweet day it was, watching him doing that.  It just never gets old seeing your kids hit milestones and do things for the first time.  And how nice it was, that he figured out his capability on the 2nd anniversary of his birth!

And by the way, the baby laughed for the first time today too!  I didn't see it coming.  I hadn't thought about it and suddenly she just laughed a big laugh from her belly as I was playing with her!  Such a thrill!


Kathy Poncy said...

Oh boy, do you ever have cute kids.

Eli, I love it that you love puzzles. Never lose that interest.

Much love to each of you and Happy Birthday you big guy.

Love, Kathuy

Kathy Poncy said...

You know it is bed time when you can't even spell your own name.

That would be Kathy who sends you love.

Jennie and Julie said...

Such a cute 2-year old :) This blog would explain why in the last few phone calls I have heard him in tears trying to get someone to pay attention to his puzzle, and help him out! It's nice to see him on the exact day. Good job, Mom.