Wednesday, May 7, 2014


 Two reasons for these pictures:  1)We actually got Bronwyn to keep a hat on!  She's old enough to be desirous of being like her sisters and so she wore it and left it on.  2) I haven't had the camera out at all.  I needed some kind of update to put on here!

 I was glad too, to get the opportunity to take a picture of the "pocket."  Thank you, Shannon, for thinking of us!  The girls have had such fun with this this week.  Another mother passed this Colonial Williamsburg pocket on to us from her girls.  It ties around the waist and was worn by ladies in colonial times underneath their dress, where they could reach it through a slit in the dress.   It is astonishing how many things you can carry in it.
Amelia had a small story book in there that Bronwyn is enjoying and a small notebook and pencil for spare-time drawing or writing.  :-)

I love these spring days where we are able to be inside and outside all throughout the day with doors open.  So nice.


Anonymous said...

The CUTEST photos EVER!!!!! I LOVE them!!!


Anonymous said...

Those girls are the sweetest! It was our pleasure to pass it on to little girls who would use it. It made me smile.

Jennie and Julie said...

Bronwyn looks so cute, esp in the first photo! It's astonishing to me how different all 3 girls look. Very uniquely their own. Thanks for posting this update!

Kathy Poncy said...

This is totally precious. You mom is so right. The girls look all there own in appearance and personality. How fun this must be. Hope you are feeling well, Julie. Love to all.