Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Basketball Camp

Benjamin and Calvin recently got the opportunity to attend a 4-session basketball camp for free down the road at our local park.  We were surprisingly pleased with how organized it was and how much the boys gained from it. (Ben is in the center with blue shorts/white shirt)
The teacher was a grad student at West Virginia University who was trying to fill community service hours for his degree.  He spent time with the kids individually showing them what to do.
The boys' skills definitely improved.

Here is Calvin, also in blue shorts/white shirt, in the middle of a game.
The last day of the camp I got a few more pictures of them playing a casual game with one of the instructors.
This was the one picture I got of Calvin making a shot.  They each made several baskets while I was watching this game.  I was so glad to see them figuring it out!
Everyone benefited from this and the boys brought home a new basketball for each of them.  We're grateful that we got to take advantage of the opportunity.


JoAnn Asmussen said...

How COOL!!!!!

Jennie and Julie said...

Glad to see photos of the event. That instructor is one big guy! So glad you got to participate.