Thursday, August 14, 2014

New Bed!

 The Lord provided a really great bed for the boys' room and we're all really excited about it.  We weren't looking for a change yet, but the Lord answered the need before it became urgent and saved us from having to make a quick purchase out of necessity.  Right now Elijah is sleeping in the toddler bed that is on the right of the new bunks + trundle.  Once we buy a mattress for the top bunk, he will probably start sleeping up there.  We hadn't planned on that, but once we set up the beds, the top seemed most suitable for someone small.  There is a ladder on the left end of the bed and it's not made to bear the weight of a bigger boy.  Also, the top is completely caged in, making it difficult to climb over for a bigger boy and safe enough for a little one. 
This is what it looks like with the trundle bed pulled out.  Adding this third bed in the set instead of the standard two-person bunk bed leaves the space where Elijah currently sleeps open for our newest boy that we are expecting!  There's so many things we love about this bed too.  Hurray for this wonderful provision for our family!  We have craigslist and a sweet friend who found the ad for us to thank also.