Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Some More Towels

 Here are the two requested pictures that I didn't include.  We went to the pool yesterday so I was sure to get a couple quick shots.  Bron loves, loves her towel.  She knows it's hers.  :)
Elijah spent about half of the time at the pool wrapped up in his towel because he got himself nice and cold during the first half of our time there.  Sorry, Mom, that you can't see the diver because he's standing in front of it.  But isn't that towel just the right size for him?

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Jennie and Julie said...

Well, that's what beach towels are for..wrapping up in! Is it cold there? I almost didn't recognize him with his goggles and swim shirt...looks fun. Bronwyn's towel is great, just right for her. I like the colors too. I'm glad she like it. Thanks for showing us the pics, it rounds things out.