Thursday, November 27, 2014

Bronwyn Turns 2

 Bronwyn is our 2nd October baby.  Going back to when we had leaves on the trees, here's a few pictures of her birthday celebration.
 She is picking out a pumpkin pancake from the big pile flipped by her brothers and sisters for her pancake feast.
 Breakfast for dinner makes Bronwyn happy!  Actually, I think we were singing the birthday song to her.  She loved it.
 This was her first time to open gifts when she knew what she was doing.  But she still required a lot of help.
 She needed some explanation and demonstration to see that this was a flashlight with several functions.
 Now she understands.
 Yum, yum fruit snacks.
 More explanation and assistance.
 Bronwyn's sisters picked out a set of plastic horses for her because she can comb their hair and take them in the bathtub.
 "Here's the comb..."
 Finishing with dessert, of course.  We made blooming roasted apples from a recipe shared on Pinterest.
She knows how to celebrate!

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