Monday, August 17, 2009

ANIMALS,ANIMALS EVERYWHERE ! (post by Samuel from several weeks ago)

We have a terrarium which currently contains two toads. It also holds numerous other bugs which we have caught and deposited over the weeks. When a animal or bug is caught it almost always goes into the terrarium . We named the toads Teddy and Compass. This photo is of Teddy. It was tricky getting a good picture of him.

We caught an extremely large specie of wolf spider and called him Parker.

As you can see Compass is a little bigger than Teddy.

A quick scientific fact,all toads are mildly poisonous,but Teddy's huge cousin,the giant toad is deadly.(Note the poison glands behind Compass' eyes.)
"Hmmmmm,I wonder what that strange flash is?"
We caught this red spotted newt and called him Hercules.
He's quite a good swimmer. : )
Will was mowing our front yard when he nearly ran over a
Garter snake! He got very mad, and started hissing at us. We caught it and called him Fangs the Second.
He's boss over his little tank!


Anonymous said...

And Thank you Samuel. Now I know quite a bit about you and the creatures you bring into your life. Naming a spider, eh? That is a first. (Smiles) You much have such fun learning about each animal you encounter. I remember a dog that got very sick when he was bitten by a toad. It is good to remember how harmful they can be.
Have fun. I love it when you boys post.

Love to you and all of your brothers and sisters, Kathy

Jennie and Julie said...

Sam, I enjoyed this post and all the pictures. You did a great job writing in your comments. However, not only could I not see poison glands on Turk, I could not even spot his eyes! That made me smile. I didn't realize all toads are poisonous, thanks for the lesson. Grammy

PS: Papa has a story for you and Will the next time you call.