Thursday, August 6, 2009


I thought I'd post a random selection of photographs from the last few weeks. We've had a lot going on, not that I took pictures of most of it. I've been giving the camera a bit of a break. Matt and Tricia got married. I accidentally left my camera at home and I guess it was for the best. We just really enjoyed the day and it was absolutely beautiful, but I think it was a good thing for me to just take it all in and not worry about "capturing" it.
Millie was having a mommy-moment. She sometimes gets an urge to be very motherly to her dolls. She has a front carrier that she got for Christmas. Here she is getting the baby snuggled into it to go for a walk around the house with her.
Oh. Baby needs a kiss.
Now the baby needs to be wrapped up.
Cecily is exploring a book.
The book is very exciting.
A few weeks back, Joshua Stedman helped Peter dismantle our pool and part of the deck around the pool. The pool had too many problems to use it and so we decided to remove it. After an afternoon of hard labor in the direct sunlight for the men, Kristin and baby Titus joined us and we all had a good dinner together and the adults even played some games afterwards. It's been a really, really long time since Peter and I played games with another couple. Super fun. We wouldn't have any pictures except that one of the kids grabbed the camera and took this picture of us playing Pit. On a bittersweet note, we just bid farewell to the Stedmans as they moved back to Illinois last weekend. We're happy for them, but of course, so sad to lose them.
So, this was where I found my daughter the other day.
She was having a great time playing with the Legos that were up there.
Just a few pictures of a nine-month-old Cecily.

Oh. It looks like private moments might be getting scarcer since my children can use the camera now. ;-)
Peter took the boys fishing a week? ago. They caught 12 little panfish, none of which did they keep.

I heard that Sam caught 9 out of the 12. He was dedicated.
This is Cecily, sucking the pacifier while playing with the doll's pacifier.
I love babies!!

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