Thursday, August 20, 2009


Peter's sister, Leslie, recently came up from Mississippi with her husband, John, to visit us. They stayed over a Saturday and Sunday. Naturally, we celebrated the Lord's Day on Sunday and we took them on a driving tour of Morgantown in the evening. Since Saturday was our only other day with them, we decided to keep it simple and do a picnic lunch at Cooper's Rock instead of traveling to Pittsburgh to do something. We, of course, showed them the lookout and then ate lunch at the picnicing area. Last, we went for a good hike. We took Rattlesnake Trail, which was moderately steep and rocky. We enjoyed it, but perhaps would have been glad for some bug spray. Here are a few pictures from the Saturday picnic and hike.
Aunt and Uncle with the nieces and nephews.

Climbing on rocks by the parking lot. always tastes better outside.
Millie wants to do everything the boys are doing. Occasionally a little help is needed!
Thanks, Aunt Leslie!
At the end of Rattlesnake Trail we found this cabin.

Kids in cabin. :)
After the cabin, we took a trail that said it went to Rock City. We're not sure we ever really found Rock City, but these rock walls were pretty amazing.
There's lots here to climb on and explore.
And tunnel-like crevices to go through.
We so enjoyed seeing John and Leslie again and appreciated their desire to visit this big family. The kids really enjoyed the time with them as well. We wish we weren't quite so far away. Hopefully, we'll be visiting Mississippi at Thanksgiving and it won't be long before we're together again.

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