Monday, September 14, 2009


We arrived at Chestnut Ridge Park on Sunday Evening. The first thing we did was let the kids swim in the lake before it was too cold. Peter took care of paying for our cabin and getting some firewood while I watched them splash for a while. Then we took all the shivering children back to the cabin to get some dinner and pajamas. Here you can see them shivering but excited in front of the cabin.
This picture shows just a bit more of the whole campsite. It was very nice that the picnic table was extra long and close to cabin and firepit.
Millie was wet, but she didn't mind. She had a great time exploring the campsite and getting comfortable.
We roasted some hotdogs and served them with chili and cheese on top. We did some marshmallows too and then put all of the weary soldiers to bed.
It was a one-room, rustic cabin. No running water, but it did have electricity with a fridge and stove. Just enough convenience to help me out this time around. :) There was a trail behind it leading to our own private outhouse.
More in the days to follow.

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