Friday, September 4, 2009


There are two public pools in Morgantown. We have heard that one is more attractive to the teenage crowd and the other is a bit more family-friendly. We finally tried out the family-friendly one a few weeks back. We didn't go to it last year because we had our own pool then. I want the boys to keep up their swimming, even if ever so slightly, so we squeezed it in before the season was over. They had a great time and tried some new things. (Millie's face is too funny.)
Happy and excited Calvin.
Sam tried the diving board for the first time! He was so thrilled.
He didn't dive, just jumped in, but it was a milestone.
He got more brave as he kept on.
He finally convinced Will to give it a try.
Will's feeling unsure, but going to take the plunge.
Once he reached the wall safely, he decided it was fun.
Then they spent most of the rest of the time jumping off the diving board.
Benny came over with his life jacket on and the lifeguard said he could give it a go also.
He really never hesitated. He ran and jumped right off the end.
Yeah, Ben!
Meanwhile, Peter was watching the little ones play in the Kid's splash pool.
A safe, fun spot just for them.
Millie liked the slide. She failed to get out of the way for the next person coming down though. She got clobbered a few times.
With fountains all over, it was a very fun place.

Cecily didn't want anything to do with that water. She enjoyed watching her siblings splash from my hip. :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I remember those first few "dives". The board is a scary thing at first so congratulations to all of you boys. And Millie, you just keep working on liking the water and one day before you know it you will be diving in too. We were all swim team athletes in my family. It was a fun sport to participate in.

Enjoy your Fall season. I'll bet it will be getting pretty there soon. I am looking forward to the color in my yard this year with the new plants.

Got to hold a 5 day old baby boy yesterday - named Samuel, and a first born to the family. It was just such an honor to hold such an important little person who has two proud, wonderful parents. Of course they had to hear a few Jones Family stories and they loved them.