Monday, September 7, 2009


Well, we visited the county fair from the county we used to live in, in Pennsylvania. There happened to be a very good agricultural fair there and we have always enjoyed attending it. I suppose this tradition will have to eventually die off, though there is no fair in the county we live in now. The fair offers a free day for children, so it pays to go that day. The rides are included for nothing. This year we got there a little later than normal because of some rain. We usually see the exhibits first and do rides last. We had to do the rides first this time. This was Millie's first time to go on rides and it never gets old watching little ones enjoy this unknown pleasure. She's so lucky to have brothers to go along with her.
Calvin's still young enough to be surprised at the thrill as well.
Hands down, this is the best ride at the fair. Nothing else compares to the swings. Peter watched us with the girls and the boys and I rode the swings. There were some double swings. I was glad because I wasn't totally sure how Cal would like it. I thought sitting by Samuel would certainly help. He loved it. He didn't have one moment of nervousness over rides this year. He was up for just about anything. That's a lot of growth since last year.
This is Will before...
...and after!
Peter told the older two boys that he would go on one ride with them. William really wanted to go on this "Fire Ball." You can see them climbing into the front.
Wow. They're really up there. Peter took Sam on a ride similar to this and wasn't feeling exceptionally good afterwards. The tolerance is much lower for us these days!!
We went and got some hot dogs and fries for lunch and then took the animal and exhibit tour. The first stop was at a small petting area for children. Sam and Will took the camera at this point and I let them take pictures of the animals as we went along.
There were several goats who obliged us by eating straw from our hands,
some very cute kids,
and last was a new calf.
I included one picture from the horse barn.
Wait, the donkey was in the horse barn too.
One from the cow barn.
William did the rabbit, pig and poultry pictures.

Saying hi to the pigs.
Pigs are interesting, but they definitely have their reputation for a reason.

I include all of these animal photos because the boys took them. They are excited about the shots they got.
This picture makes me think of a quote from one of our favorite children's stories, Chanticleer and The Fox. (Chanticleer is a rooster with a hen wife named Demoiselle Partlet) Chanticleer to Demoiselle Parlet: "I do say that when I see the beauty of your face all scarlet red about the eyes, my fears die away." Though I love the book, it's gives far too much credit to chickens for their intelligence (and possibly their good looks)!!

Ending the day with ice cream cones on the tailgate.
I look at these pictures and I'm convinced that ice cream tastes even better to a child.
Ah...August is now done. This was one of our last hot days. September has begun. I will post many pictures from our camping trip next and then we will be on to Fall!


Jennie and Julie said...

It looks like such a fun time...wish we could have tasted that ice cream too! I love the fair! Though no more wild rides for Grammy & Papa...glad Peter is still young enough to enjoy them with Sam & Will. The boys did a wonderful job on the photos...I esp. liked the spotted pig. They are getting to be good photographers. Love, Grammy

Luma said...

Wow, that looks like a lot of fun! The kids look great. Miss you all.