Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Benny's birthday sure was special. Did I forget to say exciting? Nothing is dull with Benjamin. :)
We fixed up some Strawberry Shortcake for lunch.

We even ate out on the deck since the weather was so perfect.

Ben scoops some berries for everybody.

William doles out whipped cream.

Calvin keeps the swing set company.

Amelia waits until somebody finally passes her a plate!

Ben's dinner of choice was Spareribs. When I asked him if he had anything in mind to go with it, he said without hesitation, "Mashed potatoes with cheese and green onions and sugar snap peas." Good thing I asked!

So excited about his gifts!

What could it be? His brothers know.

A Star Wars light saber sword!

I like the expressions in this picture. Ben is opening something that Calvin got him. Calvin is so pleased and when Ben realizes what it is, he gets a happy face.

It is a monster truck. Ever since the boys saw monster trucks on TV at their Uncle Mitch's house, they've been interested in them. One of the boys got Calvin a couple of toy MT's for Christmas and Ben is excited that he can now play MT's with Calvin.

Uncle John and Aunt Leslie sent a Camper's Knife. Sam and Will got their first pocket knives when they turned 7 too. Initially, they must leave them in the care of Dad to be brought out occasionally to learn how to use them properly.

A gift from William.

From Peter and I, a canteen. (He was so serious about it!)

Now, a gift from Sam. A matchbox car that changes color in water. Naturally, this phenomenon must be viewed immediately. Into the glass of water it goes.



Something from Grammy and Papa.

It takes a minute to figure out what it is.

Walkie-Talkies. He's loving these.

And last, Ben's big gift from mom and dad is a certificate for an one hour horse-riding lesson. He likes this idea!

Blowing the candles. He chose Banana Pudding for his special dessert.


Using the spoon attachment on his camper's knife. A sweet ending to a sweet celebration day. How big and mature he has grown!


Anonymous said...

What a special day. Too much fun and love there.

Jennie and Julie said...

I especially like the photos of the strawberry shortcake out on the deck. The weather looks so nice, and the yard looks very pretty. What a great day to celebrate. He looks like he enjoyed each and every present...what a fun day for Ben! Love, Grammy