Saturday, May 15, 2010


A gift for the 7 year old.
A little help mounting.

Adjusting the stirrups.

Meanwhile, Cecily is saying hello to "Susie."

Being led out to the ring.

After some direction, Ben is able to guide the horse around the ring without being led.

The horse is so gentle and cooperative. I can see why the young lady teaching Ben feels so confident to have children on her.

We all sat on the grass outside the ring and watched for a good while. Once he brought the horse right up next to us to say hello.

Cecily is puttering around, finding things to do.

A curly, wild onion.

Eventually, we wandered over to the edge of a pasture where another horse was grazing. Cecily was dying to be near to the horse.


This horse was "Lightning."

Another very gentle, child-friendly horse.

Feeding Lightning took up a good bit of time for us while we waited.

Little flowers in the grass.

Millie found a big "umbrella" leaf.

Making sure to hold the reins correctly.

One last shot before he's done. He enjoyed it very much. He learned a lot about guiding a horse with reins. An hour's worth of practice is a good bit.

Kimberly, the teacher, offered for the other kids to mount and walk a few steps on the horse as well.

I think Sam sat on a pony for a ride when he was about 2, but otherwise this is the first time he's been on a horse.

Even Amelia got to have her first little horse ride. :)


Anonymous said...

I so love horses. This reminds me of time between classes at Bend High I would drive out to some friends ranch and ride. I'll find some of those photos and post them.

Will Ben go back for more time in the saddle? I hope so.

A lovely day for all.

Jennie and Julie said...

The photos look like everyone was having a good time, esp. Ben. What a wonderful horse! I see Millie wearing the dress I sent, and it looks cute on her. I like the length, and I like her hair done up like that. Cecily's hair is getting long too. Such a pretty color. Fun to see this family outing! Mom

Luma said...

If you lived close the kids could have ridden Morgan's horse. :-)