Thursday, May 20, 2010


I want you to know as I begin this post: I'm caught up! There are no more pictures waiting for posting. :) I guess I'll start taking pictures of uninteresting daily life around here again to have something to share. Actually, we'll have more than enough pictures from our upcoming trip to keep me busy for a while I'm sure.I didn't actually take very many pictures of anyone working. As usual, largely the little "helpers," who mostly play.

Cecily did try to participate in all that we did. We brought her along and showed her how to pull weeds and scoop mulch on to the beds. She picked up this hat that one of her brothers took off and got attached to it. She looked really funny wearing it backwards and being so serious about helping.

Sprinkled with bits of mulch and sweating from under that hat. :)

Amelia napped for most of the work time. She finally came out and joined us.

The boys showed her how the air-conditioner blew air out of the top.


Posing with the flowers for me.


Luma said...

We miss you! Cecily is growing up so much.

Jennie and Julie said...

Milly looks extremely happy in front of that air conditioner...and the hosta looks happy there too! Those iris are gorgeous : ) Mom