Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I had a few pictures of food from the past couple of weeks. I haven't taken pictures of much else, so this is what I'm posting. :)
Amelia and I worked together to make an apple-cranberry pie a couple of Saturdays ago.

We sure had fun!

This was our first chicken to roast of our free-range chickens that we helped to grow at the Oldlands' (OK, Peter helped butcher the chickens and that's about it).

I made some chicken fried rice and egg rolls a couple of weeks ago too. Maybe it was my pregnancy tastebuds, but man, was it good.
Today is Wednesday before Thanksgiving. So, today is a cooking day too. Time for me to get off the blog and go make my pies. I hope you all have a marvelous and blessed Thanksgiving holiday and I will be back to probably post more food photos after it's all over. :)


Jennie and Julie said...

Your pie crust looks great in the apple cranberry pie. Mine turned out wonderfully yesterday, and the pecan pies are resting, waiting for the final test tomorrow...the tasting! Yum, chinese fried rice and egg rolls. Adventurous lady. Mom

Kim said...

Everything looks wonderful, Julie! Making your own eggrolls is very impressive! Any chance you would share that recipe and the "how?" And did the fried rice have the chicken in it: main dish? We've made fried rice before, but only as a side dish... Please share :-)

P.S. Millie's apron is adorable!

Luma said...

That pie looks wonderful. I really want to know how you made those egg rolls and the chicken fried rice. I would love it if you would email or post those recipes. Egg rolls sound so good right now. It must be the pregnancy thing. :-)