Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Afternoon at the Park

This picture was actually taken on a Sunday after church.  Sam made the girls some wreaths from dandelions.
You can thank me for showing you this picture and not the up-close shot of the snake that Ben and Will are holding.  They get very, very excited about anything they catch. 
Now to the park...
Beautiful flowering tree.
One eager little boy heading towards that dock as quickly as he can.
This is the Westover pond that is at Westover Park, near where we used to live.  It's a great place for children to fish and play and so we went back to visit.  It was an afternoon of much exercise for me, as I kept up with Elijah, keeping him from plunging into the lake.
Eventually, I urged the littlest ones to move away from the lake and try out some nearby swings.

Then we picked flowers for awhile.
Last, we went to another part of the park where the main play equipment was.  No fish were caught that day.  But it was a nice outing for us all.


Laffing Dawg said...

Lovely day, beautiful children. Walking in the park means something totally different to me these days.

Thanks for the trip, luv all of you,

Jennie and Julie said...

I see that you did cut off Eli's curls...I knew it would be soon. His hair looks good! So glad to seem some more pics of the kids!