Monday, May 28, 2012

Some Nature and Gardening

 Sam says these are baby Thrush. 
Ben found these beauties growing near the driveway.
 A fledgling robin that he probably shouldn't have picked up.  It's so hard to resist a chance to get your hands on a real, live bird.

 So here's the garden so the picking-out-rocks and forming-mounds phases.
Everyone likes the dirt.  It feels so good to get good and dirty. 
 Not that we condone the eating of dirt.

A cute, hot little girl.

 The man with the rototiller.
Mounds and rows are formed and we're calling it a day.
"It's time for my bath now.  See you next time!"

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Jennie and Julie said...

Cute photos! It's good to see the forming of your garden in the beginning stages, and it will be fun to see it's progress through the season. Love that foxglove!