Monday, May 21, 2012

A Couple of April Birthdays

 Amelia: 5 years old
Going a step backward, I wanted to include this picture that my dad took of Mom and I finishing up Amelia's cake.
 Miss Millie's birthday fell on Easter this year.  The year she was born it was Easter as well.  She is our Easter girl.
 A comforter for her bed.
A special, new doll with hair.
 Brown curls, like Millie herself.
We had the special treat of having Grammy and Papa with us to celebrate this year. 
 Amelia had asked for a pink pig cake.  A very happy birthday for her, for sure.
Next is Ben: 9 years old.
 Ben's birthday dinner, Pork Stew with Tomatillos on brown rice.
An army canteen.
 Ben's first Airsoft gun. 
Ben got several books, including a giant dot to dot book and a magnificent horse encyclopedia. 
 Ben still loves horses, so we dreamed up a new horse cake this year.  We thought it came out alright.  There was help and input from Mom and Dad and siblings that made it what it was in the end.
Another year older.  I can hardly believe he is 9.  He has a big year with a lot of new experiences ahead.  I look forward to watching him making his strides and transition to that bigger, more capable boy.

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Anonymous said...

WOW. Those cakes are incredible, Julie!! I wouldn't even know where to start. :O