Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pittsburgh Zoo

 Yes, yet another zoo post.  :)  We took a family trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo last Monday.  Some nice ladies passing us were nice enough to take our picture by the Welcome sign.
Peter and the kids inside the Aquarium part.
 I couldn't tell you what this fish is called.  He was in an outdoor pool.  He kept coming up to the surface and opening his mouth.
Here's Calvin getting a good look inside the fish's mouth when it came up.
 Most of the pictures at the zoo were taken by William.  I let him enjoy trying to get good shots of the animals, while his brothers took some time to sketch some of them.  The ones I've included in this post were ones that I took.  Hopefully we'll have time for William to do a post of his own on the animals he photographed.
A teeny, tiny sea horse.
 This is the tropical environment that the zoo has created inside the Aquarium.  It's pretty fun to visit and walk through the tropical plants and see the tropical critters and fish.
There is one hands-on section in the Aquarium.  The children can touch the different rays swimming in this pool as well and crawl through a tunnel underneath the pool to see the undersides of the rays.  Even Elijah got to touch them.
 This is one of the rays they touched.
Another smaller ray.
 This is Peter's smile after we read the sign, "Beware of 600 pound females."
Here is the 600 pound female herself.  Bears of any kind are always Peter's favorite.  He loved this polar bear.
 Smiles before the hanging bridge.
This is one wobbly bridge.  We had to rescue Cecily part way through.
 There is a small playground that was much enjoyed.  It got to be 88 degrees on this day.  We were pretty warm by this time.
One of the last things we saw were the sea lions.  They're always my favorite.  This is a little one that came to say hello to the children.
Always a great field trip.  And a great family day.  I'll have to see if I can upload some of the drawings that the kids did from the zoo.

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Jennie and Julie said...

I REALLY love that photo of the pretty illumuned against that aqua blue stripe that you caught. Seahorses have always been a favorite of mine. I did a paper in college on Seahorses, and I still have it! I also really like that photo of Cecily on the white animal. She has such a nice smile of pure enjoyment on her face. I love you, Jennie