Saturday, October 13, 2012

Baby is Here!

 Introducing our daughter, Bronwyn Elizabeth Jones!  This little girl surprised us and defied all of our predictions: a boy, not too big and probably born at night with a long labor, like most all of my others.  Everything along the way was a surprise with this one.  A short labor starting at 2 in the morning and ending at 9:55 in the morning.  Then she was a girl when we were very mentally prepared for a boy.  When the midwife weighed her, she came out at 9 lb 2 oz, matching my biggest baby previously, which was Samuel.  Everyone was startled at that.  I honestly didn't think this was one of my bigger babies.  Goes to show, you never know and God likes to keep his sovereignty before us.
 Our wonderful midwife.  What a blessing we feel it has been to have her help that has allowed us to have our last two babies at home.  I have especially felt the blessing of being at home with this birth. 
 Getting wrapped up after being weighed, measured and checked.
 Siblings getting a chance to see her.

 I took this picture this morning, when I was waking her up to feed her after several hours of sleep for the both of us.  A good night's rest that will hopefully lead to a smooth transition and recovery. 
 This was a very peaceful alert time for her.  She laid and looked around, very still and quiet for several minutes. 
And back to sleep with Dad by breakfast time.  :)


The Jones Family (TN) said...

Bronwyn is adorable! Great job on posting pictures so fast. We were all excited to see her. Praying for you all.

Anonymous said...

Oh Julie- God Bless you and your sweet family and Congrats on Bronwyn! She is sooooo beautiful! What a wonderful addition! Praising God for the smooth delivery!

Lora said...

She's so sweet!! Thanks for sharing!

Kristi said...

Cannot wait to meet her! She is adorable.