Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bronwyn Photo Album

I thought I'd post a host of pictures from the last week and a half to show how Bronwyn is changing.  This is probably way overkill on the baby pictures, but I know I will, at least, enjoy looking  back at these.  I'm starting with the most current.  I took these first three pictures yesterday.  Bronwyn was hanging out with Samuel, as he was reading the Odyssey, after her bath.
She was so alert.
Now I'm going back to a week and a half ago.  I think she looks pretty different.  The pictures are chronological from here. 

Millie got a bee sting underneath her eye, which accounts for the funny swollen look of it.  She wants to hold Bronwyn as much as possible.
All my girls!!
Sunday afternoon nap.

This was at the end of last week.

I finally put the "going home" outfit on her for some pictures.  My sisters and myself all wore this home from the hospital in the '70's and now all of Joy's and my own children have worn it as a newborn too.

And these ones I took on Sunday after church.  She's definitely opening her eyes much wider now and having a nice lengthy alert time after each daytime feeding.  Can't wait for her to smile during one of these alert times.

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Jennie and Julie said...

Oh, I'm so very glad you did this post. It has been hard to be so far away that I couldn't quite get a grip on what she looked like! All these photos have given me a much better idea of her looks, and you got some really good ones! Thanks Julie, love Grammie