Tuesday, October 2, 2012

People, Animals, Plants

 A collection of various photographs...I found Eli sitting here the other day.  A perfect seat, really, with an ideal view of all that's going on with his siblings.
 Standing under the lamp's light...
 ...showing off the new gaps in her mouth.  The gap on the right she lost a few weeks back, technically her first tooth to "lose" as the top tooth was knocked out when she was 3.  Then, she randomly lost the tooth on the left, while the one in the *center* was wiggly first and still remained (sigh).  The good news is that it has also now fallen out, leaving one nice, wide gap on the bottom.  She's very proud to enter into the world of "tooth gifts."  Hopefully, we're done losing for a while?
 Baby bird. My kids can't resist picking them up.  William is holding it, showing it to Elijah, whose hair and hands you see, while, naturally, Ben is reaching in from the side to pet it too.
 This was a random black and white photo that Ben took of our current box turtle pet, Mountaineer.  As the kids have found a couple of box turtles over the summer, we've kept them for a few weeks and then released them.  Isn't he cute?
 Doleful looks from a raccoon who found himself en-caged in our trap, set to snag the culprit who kept pulling our trash to bits.  (We safely relocated him to a new forest home.)  I'm not sure which of the kids snapped this picture.
 Photo credit goes to Sam on all of the remaining pictures.  He took the camera out into the yard several weeks back and took several nice photos of growing things.
 Part of the vegetable garden, which did alright, but not great.  The soil needs continued adjustment and we hope to get a couple more trees down next year to provide greater sunlight.
 Our little pear tree did nicely, producing 9 lovely pears.
They made it to a very good size.  We have harvested and enjoyed them all by now.

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Anonymous said...

Loved Eli's little seat, and all the photo's were great! I read something just yesterday about wild small turtles getting kids really sick... Cute turtle, but I'm just sayin'... :)