Thursday, October 25, 2012

Farm Field Trip

A couple of days before Bronwyn's birth, the kids and I ventured out of the house to join a homeschool field trip to our local university's livestock farm.  We pass this farm every time that we head into Morgantown from home.  It has about 900 beautiful acres that have now been surrounded by condominiums and other new construction.  It's like a big piece of rural that has slowly been engulfed by encroaching city.  West Virginia University has several farm locations in various parts of the state.  This particular location is the livestock research farm.  Above, the kids are heading over to the grain elevator at the feed station where all the food is processed for the farm's critters.  These farm buildings that we toured are all at the top of the highest hill on the farm and have such a beautiful view.
Visiting the roosters.
At the back you can see the turkeys.  They were huge and they actually had blue heads, though you can't tell from the picture.

This view is really wasted on these sheep.
The weather was perfect for this trip.  I had been nervous about my energy holding out, taking all of the kids out like this when I was SO pregnant.  It worked out beautifully.  It was such a high note to go into labor on.  We had a great "last" day together and took the happy picture that's above in the header on our porch (with the pumpkins) when we got home.

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