Saturday, February 2, 2013

Christmas, 2012

 It's seriously out of place to post pictures of Christmas when everyone is fully out of the Christmas spirit.  I'm sorry.  But the only way to move past this is to get them posted so I can move on!
 Christmas morning begins with stockings.

 Cece's excited about a purple pen in her stocking.
 Trying it out.
 All four of the older boys got watches in their stockings. 
 Will is opening his watch.

 Next is breakfast, with our traditional sausage souffle.
 I put a hot cocoa packet in each of the kids' stockings so that they could have cocoa for breakfast.
 Bronwyn woke up to join the celebration for a little while before heading back to nap again.

 She got a sweet, little, yellow vintage hat and matching sweater from my mom.
 Millie was admiring her new ornament that she got from my mom this year.
 Peter's sister, Leslie, got the girls some cute stuffed dogs that have purse carriers.
 Leslie got the boys West Virginia University hats.  They love them.
 Cal is showing off his plastic knife and sheath that he got in his stocking.
 Reproduction vintage Candyland from Papa and Grammie.
 A tactile, new game to try for Ben and Cal from Papa and Grammie.
 A bad picture, but a super-fun new card game called Dominion for the eldest two from Papa and Grammie.
And a drawing toy for Elijah from Papa and Grammie.
 My sister, JoAnn, got the kids the 5th season of Little House on the Prairie.
 JoAnn also got Peter some new tunes as well as some books and a mug.  We draw names in my family and she drew his name this year.
 Will's gift:  a new scooter to replace the one he wore out.
 The girls got "new" dolls that I bought for them from Ebay.
 They got a box of doll clothes to share that came with the dolls I bought.
 As well as a diaper bag.
 Ben and Calvin also got matching gifts.
 Amelia has everything sorted out already and is about to diaper the doll.
 Samuel got a nice set of 6 throwing knives. 
 Sam's gift was split in half because there wasn't anything very big he wanted this year.
 The other half was a double set of airplane models for him to build.
 Ah...there's B&C's gifts!  Lever-action rifles that shoot soft plastic bullets!  (But not inside or aimed at anyone, just the same).
Trying to be serious?  Seriously goofy maybe. 
 Bleak House by Dickens was one of the books Peter got me for Christmas.
A new Bible was one of the things I got for him.

That's all folks.

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Jennie and Julie said...

Thanks for posting late anyway, because I really enjoyed seeing Christmas...even in Feb! I hope it was as fun as it looks on Christmas morning. Everything looks great, and I'm impressed that the kids got so many things to share this year, and seem to be happy with that. Good thinking Mom.