Wednesday, February 13, 2013

5th Annual New Year's Ball

Christ Church hosts a ball each year for New Year's.  I got pictures of the girls before we left in case their hair got messed up later.

Bronwyn doesn't look very comfortable.  :)
Amelia and Cecily can both dance the Patty-cake Polka.

The girls with their friend, Katrina.
Samuel and Amelia dancing the Gay Gordon.  (Amelia's first time)
I kind of liked this picture because the only thing that was in focus was our friend, John's face.  He did a great job with Millie.
Pastor Peter reading to some of the under-5-feet crowd.
Bronwyn spent a lot of the evening with the lovely Mrs. Bolyard.  I was able to take these pictures because she held her.  :)

Eli was getting tired...
But then it was time for refreshments!
Calvin and friend, Samuel.
The Falkenstines!
Mr. and Mrs. Woody!  These two did a lot of the labor involved in this event.
Samuel and Sarah Grace doing the Salty Dog Rag.
This was the last dance we stayed for and then we headed home to put little people to bed and get ready for church.
I couldn't forget to get a picture of the Kichers, working the sound system.  The  people who put this event together did a super job.  It was well-planned and lots of fun.  There was dancing, but also games and contests and the music was great and the kids were very involved.  We made some good memories this year!

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Kathy Poncy said...

I always look forward to seeing pictures of this event. It looks so fun and so special. Millie and Cecily, your dresses were so pretty and your hair looked so festive. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time and so did I.

Hugs all around,