Thursday, February 21, 2013

Elijah Turns 2

 It looks like spaghetti, but actually we made Chicken Parmesan with pasta for Elijah's birthday dinner.
 "Three cheers for Elijah!  Hip, hip, hooray!"
 Little packages from siblings.
 M&M's from Amelia.
 He found a doggie on this card.
 Peter's sister sent him this soft, stuffed doggie. 
 Elijah's gift was this horse on a stick.
 Singing the birthday song with Elijah's birthday pie.
The pie was chocolate cream.  :)  A special celebration for our littlest boy. 

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Elijah! You do the sweetest celebrations for the birthdays of your children- I really love how they appreciate what they get. How very blessed you are!

~Shannon Messenger