Thursday, March 21, 2013

Calvin's Birthday Post

 Calvin started off his day with a cinnamon roll, a slice of bacon and a strawberry.  His birthday fell on a Sunday.
Fast forward to his birthday dinner:  Mexican Shepherd's Pie and a fruit-filled jello salad.


This was such a great card.  He loved it.  On the inside it said, "...and remember, never trust a dog to watch your birthday cake!"
Gumballs from Cecily.
A neat sucker from Amelia.
King Arthur from Aunt Leslie.
A cookskin cap from Dad and Mom.
His first airsoft BB gun from Mom and Dad.
The funny looking package turns out to be a play (wooden) Kentucky long rifle.
"Happy Birthday to you..."
He walked around and passed them out to everyone.

Cecily and I made his cupcakes together.
Now the taste test.
Naturally, it gets a thumbs up.
When each of the boys has a birthday, Peter reads Proverbs 3 out loud.
A jolly, good celebration.  May the Lord bless my boy, this, his eighth year!

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Kathy Poncy said...

Happy Birthday Calvin. Sure looks like you had a fun time and a special day. You are a very special young man. I pray that your year is filled with awesome surprises and that you learn something fun and important every day.

Much love from me,