Friday, March 8, 2013

Take a Walk With Me

 We had a single 60 degree day a few weeks back that happened to land on Peter's day off.  We took the time to drive over to Cheat Lake and enjoy a walk on the trail there and let Sam get some fishing out of his system. 
 This day came after a long stretch of very wintery weather and it was soul-nourishing to breathe the warm air and feel the wind on our faces.
 We were crossing the bridge on the way back to the car.  Sam, Will and Ben had stayed on the bridge and fished while Peter, myself and the younger children walked along the lake's edge further on.
 Ice from the lake had all blown into coves like this one and onto the edges of the water.

 Below, blowing leaves and wind-filled sweatshirt.

 Remnants of the cold that seemed distant with such a warm day as it was.

 Happy sunlight!

 My favorite.  :-)
 Baby in front carrier.
And last, Elijah in Cecily's sweater.

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