Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ice Skating 2013

A lot of my posts have an annual update.  :)  If you've read my blog for a while then you've seen our pictures from past ice skating trips.  We try to go at least once a year, as there is a homeschooling day at the rink once a week during the winter.  I'm hoping in future years to possibly go more like once a month.  It would be nice for the kids to actually develop some skill at it, which is pretty near impossible to do when going only once a year.

Amelia got right out on the ice this year.  It helped that this older girl decided to stay by her side and helped her.  I think this girl was about 10 years old and she was so sweet.  This picture of them holding hands only happened about half way through the skating time.  In the beginning Millie just went around the rink holding onto the wall.  After the first hour she really started to feel confident and would turn in circles holding onto this girl's hands and skating on her own without holding onto anything or anyone.  Yeah, Amelia!  A great start for her.  I think she's got it down now.
Samuel works a little on his technique now that he doesn't have to worry about just staying off of his seat!

Go Millie!
I couldn't convince Cecily or Calvin to try the ice.  They both put on skates and confidently went out to the rink, only to decide there was NO way they could try it.  :(  I hadn't paid to get skates myself, as I needed to stay with Bronwyn.  Elijah was at home napping while Dad was working, but Bronwyn had come along.  What ended up happening, is that Will's skates bothered him and he got frustrated and wanted a break.  I tried on his skates and since they fit me, he stayed with Bronwyn and I went out on the ice long enough to help Cecily and Calvin get a start.  Funny, but that was all they needed.  Little girls came to help Cecily right away and she started having a great time, although she mostly stayed on the wall.  At least she got comfortable with it. 

I think I say this every year, but Ben RACES the entire two hours.  You see he has taken off his sweatshirt now because he gets so hot.  He might go around the rink about 3 times in a sixty second period!  Not really, but close.  He sleeps like a rock the night after and his legs are killing him the next day.  He doesn't do most things part way.  I just try to make sure he's careful of the other skaters!!
Calvin got the hang of it too.  For my most cautious child, I was pleased that he finally got pretty steady and enjoyed it.
Takes some concentration, but he's got it!  Will was bummed out most of the afternoon, so I didn't end up getting a picture of him this year.  We may go again this coming week.  Maybe he'll do better this time. 

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Kathy Poncy said...

What a great post. I loved ice skating as a kid. I learned at the Pasadena Winter Gardens down in Pasadena California where I grew up. It served me well when we moved to Bend and my new friends liked to go out to Baker Pond, build a nice fire and skate all day. It was quite a difference going from a groomed skating rink to a frozen pond but I got to continue the sport I grew to love. I enjoy looking at the way your group stands on their skates. Ben has such a nice straight line. He must have strong ankles. No wonder he enjoys it so much. The others too. Wouldn't it be nice to once again have that low center of gravity that kids have and also their lack of fear once they get their balance. I feel like I have just taken off with each of them and had a great day. That nice little helper who showed up - now there's another story. What a heart. I hope you can go once a week in the near future. It looks totally fun.

Hugs all around.