Thursday, March 7, 2013

Will's Birthday Post

William is now 12.  And happy about it, certainly.  Peter took a picture of William's breakfast scones.  Yum.
I thawed some bacon to serve with the scones and we all had a bowl of homemade yogurt.
AND...his birthday dinner...Chicken Brown Rice Casserole with squash and store-bought bread.
Amelia made a mosaic birthday cake to decorate.  :-)
"What is it, Calvin?" (I believe it was  a match box car)
Amelia got William some Tic Tacs.
This facial expression is "mental math."  He's adding up the coins that are in the bottom of the bag, given to him by Cecily.
Extreme Dot to Dot is right up William's alley.  You can also see on the table, the puzzle he got of the city of New Orleans.  He's pretty excited about anything he can "solve."
Peter bought Will a red velvet cupcake.
And we all had ice cream sundaes. 
It's been a great year for Will.  He is truly best friends with Samuel.  Will's life took on a new dimension when Samuel went to Oregon for a couple of weeks this past summer.  Suddenly William was the oldest child and he saw himself differently and interacted with his other siblings differently when Sam was missing.  Since that time, I'd say he's turned a corner in his level of maturity and now with turning 12, he's really becoming a young man and wanting to be one (a good deal of the time, anyhow).  The next few years will bring a lot of change for him.  We look forward to what is ahead!

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Kathy Poncy said...

245 Will, You are simply an amazing young man. This new year in your life will bring you lots of joy and many wonderful opportunities. Keep solving everything that presents itself on your plate and have fun doing it. Root those Mountaineers on to victory in all sports. And have a wonderful time with your siblings and your friends.

Happy Birthday and have a happy new year in your life.

Hugs to you, Kathy