Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Birthday Tea Party~Amelia Turns 6

The birthday girl! (with wet hair)
Birthday breakfast before church.
Birthday dinner after church. (Chicken Curry on Rice)
Everyone is enjoying their Curry and some spinach salad.
Later in the afternoon, the table is reset for a birthday tea party.  It was Mom's idea to do Amelia's party as a tea party.  Extra fun!
It gave me a great opportunity to use the beautiful, crocheted table runner that my sister, JoAnn, made for me.
The bee-ootiful cupcakes were the handiwork of my Mom.  :)  We cooked together a lot of the day on Saturday getting ready for Sunday.
Amelia's place.
The guest of honor went 'round the table to offer tea to everyone.
Sipping her tea.
If you can believe it, these cupcakes were tastier than they were pretty.
The boys can tolerate a tea party as long as it involves cupcakes and cookies. ;-)
A very delighted tea party guest!
A gift from her Grammy and Papa...
...and the inspiration for the tea party theme, a porcelain tea set!
This is the beautiful card that my Mom put with Millie's gift.  Millie thought it was so cute.
"Thank you, Grammy!"
 Peter picked out with Cecily a little heart shaped box that comes with stickers and paint to decorate it with.
 I, addicted as I am to doll clothes, picked out several new doll dresses for her.

 And last...Amelia had requested a horse on a stick.  Since Cecily and Elijah both had them, she wanted to be able to ride with them.
 Galloping with Elijah.
Last, opening up the basket to inspect the tea set.  It is so adorable.  It has small flowers and strawberries painted on it.  A sweet party for a sweet 6 year old.  :)

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