Monday, May 6, 2013

Wedding Shower Tea Party

While Mom was here there happened to be a wedding shower tea party planned for the bride-to-be of one of bachelor members of our church.  Mom and I went together and brought Amelia and Cecily for part of it.

The guest of honor, who happened by coincidence to perfectly match the decorations that had been picked for the party.
My sweet friend, Jocelyn, and her third daughter, Katrina.
My funny friend, Kellen, showing off her name tag for her second son, growing inside.  Kellen was the amazing coordinator of the tea party.
Oh YAY.  Tea with Grammy.  What a special memory it will be for the girls.
Tea party food!
Someone made cookies in the shape of tea bags, dipped the bottoms in chocolate to look like the tea in the bag, punched a hold in the top, and attached a string to hang them on the dessert tray.  So cute.

Name cards and tea cups.  :)
Here are the girls, ready to go home with their party favor cookies.
The fun of the party isn't all the way over.  Now they get to be chauffered home by Papa in the back of the rental car.  Fun!

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Kathy Poncy said...

Lovely post. Made me smile and drool all at the same time.
Hope you got my new blog address
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