Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Boys Tour Williamsburg

On our first day, I went with my parents to rest and put the little ones down for naps after lunch.  Peter and the boys stayed in Williamsburg and saw some re-enactments and generally explored.  All of the following pictures were taken by Peter during their afternoon touring.
These carriages can be rented for rides, but we never did ride in one.
The boys were impressed with the way that this hedge was trimmed as an archway over the gate.
This is the main street in Williamsburg, Duke of Gloucester Street.
They saw many people dressed up as residents of Williamsburg.

Behind and to the right of these 18th century look-a-likes is a wooden structure that serves as a stage for short re-enactments. 
The boys watched a swordplay act.
And they also watched an act about a tar and feathering of a criminal.
When the re-enactments were over they visited the blacksmith's shop.
Look at that huge bellows hanging from the ceiling.
Near the courthouse they found some stocks to try out.  Doesn't look like a very pleasant punishment, especially as it is right on the main street where all the public passes.

Even Peter tried it out.  :)
The last thing they did before heading home for supper was watch a group of musicians playing the fife and drums march down the main street.  Peter said they got a very good feel for the era from this afternoon.  So much fun to take the closest thing to a trip back in time!


Jennie and Julie said...

I like the photos you chose, and that you didn't put in too many for each event. The ones you did post were a good representation. It all looks relatively calm and cool, but I KNOW it wasn't! It was hot, hot but still they got a good afternoon in, which was great. BTW, JoAnn just told me to tell you how much she's enjoying the trip through Williamsburg. She is thoroughly enjoying what you post.

Kathy Poncy said...

I have always wanted to visit Williamsburg. Since you got there first, I so appreciate your posts and pictures. It was fun seeing the settlement through the eyes of your children. Too much fun. Thanks.