Friday, May 17, 2013

Off to Williamsburg

 It's taken me a long time to finally get this trip started!  And...there won't be any pictures of Colonial Williamsburg in this post either.  But, I promise, the next post begins our adventure back through time, into Colonial America! 
 This was our part of the traveling train of cars.  Dad and Mom had Ben and Cal in their car when I took this picture.  I gave Elijah a page from Cecily's coloring book and a yellow crayon.  He worked really hard on this picture and it kept him happy for a long time.  That's the first picture he's ever really colored.
 This is a leftover-cupcake stop that we made.
 The timeshare.  Mom and Dad were able to reserve this just a few minutes drive from Williamsburg.  It was so nice.  Everyone was very impressed with the timeshare.
 Peter and I actually rented a cabin at a nearby Mennonite camp, but I ended up staying at the timeshare with my smallest 4 children most nights because there was so much space.
Even Bronwyn had plenty of room to stretch her legs. 
We enjoyed this balcony a lot.

Here is the Colonial Williamsburg visitor's center, getting our tickets.  This wasn't as quick and easy as we had hoped.  By this time, it was feeling like we were never actually going to get started on the adventure.  Bronwyn was ready for a nap and we hadn't seen anything yet.  But,(!) next time you will see that we ultimately got there.

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