Thursday, January 23, 2014

Christmas Day 2013

Christmas morning love. 
My eldest is catching up with his father.  They're practically the same height.
Grammy with her boys.  :)
Cecily with stocking loot.
Elijah enjoys helping to hand out gifts.
Watching Grammy open a gift.
I got a beautiful sweater from my sister!  What a sweet surprise. 
And some new baking pans from my beloved.
My sweater.  :)
A new game for the Richard Scarry lover.
A gift just right for Dad.  Nice shirt!
Matching pink scooters for the girls.
And somebody is pretty happy with his new bike.  Ben is also holding his new sword in the background.
Peter liked everything he got, the books, the Dewalt drill and some new jeans.  But he was pleasantly surprised by the gift of a Bob Dylan CD from my sister.  He loves having some new music to enjoy.
Our littlest family member got a baby doll.
Samuel and Benjamin worked together to make the gift that Will is showing off here.  The sheath is made from some scraps of leather that Samuel sewed together.  The knife is made from a piece of a deer's antler for the handle and the blade they attached was from a broken pocket knife.  It actually turned out really cool and Will was absolutely thrilled.  I'll have to take some better pictures of it and post them.
Peter and my Dad took the kids down to the park so that they could try out their new gifts on the pavement there.
Calvin just needs a helmet.
I think Razor scooters are great.  Ben and Cal used to having matching red ones and they lasted forever with constant use. 
Elijah is just enjoying that wonderful time with his Papa!
Gifts are great, being together is better.  This Christmas was even better because of the gift of parents and grandparents.  Being apart really makes you grateful to be together.


Anonymous said...

Your sweater looks wonderful on you!!! Loved seeimg all the kids on Christmas morning! :)


Anonymous said...

As always Julie, I love seeing the sweet and special ways that you celebrate things with your family. Your momma is such a true beauty- you look much like her. The kids are growing so- Sam looks like a man (but still has such a tender heart). Thanks for sharing!
~Shannon Messenger

Peter Jones said...


Thanks for your comment. You are so kind. :) I hope your Christmas was very nice also.